EFT in Divorce

The other part of my business is a law practice, where I practice family law and estate planning.  I have been working with divorcing individuals since 2002, and I know how difficult divorce can be.  The emotions of a dissolving marriage, whether it’s a one-year marriage or a thirty year one, can be devastating.  Adding to that a seemingly-endless process, antagonistic lawyers, court appearances, the financial toll, and the effects on your children, and divorce can seem overwhelming on every level.

Using EFT in divorce can help you to make better decisions, personally, with regard to your case, with regard to your children, financially, and professionally.  You can emerge from divorce renewed instead of crushed.  Divorce is like death in that you experience the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance).  Everyone goes through the feeling of “I just want it over.  S/he can have it all; I just want it done.”  Acting on these transitory feelings can be very dangerous because you can lose everything.  Helping to balance your emotions during the process can make the process easier, make it easier for you to get over the breakup, and help you to move on to the next stage in your life happier, healthier, and in more balance.

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